Using the Schematic to Troubleshoot a Computer-Controlled Compressor in an LG Refrigerator

We’re still going through a paradigm shift in the appliance repair trade. With the newer, computer-controlled appliances, we’re really dealing with a computer first and an appliance (in the traditional sense of the word) second. In other words, we’re working on computers that do “appliancey” things like wash clothes, cook food, chill beer, etc.

But if you understand just three things about the computer, you can usually (and correctly!) diagnose the problem whether it’s a bad load, switch, wire harness, the computer itself or one of the other peripheral boards (sub-computers). Those three things are: inputs, outputs, and algorithms. Of course, to be able to identify and measure those inputs and outputs requires that you can read the schematic.

In this workshop, we put it all together and step through this amazing paradigm shift using the example of an LG refrigerator with an inop compressor. Is it the compressor? Is it the inverter? Is it the computer board? How can you tell?

Come with me now on a Journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment™…

This is an excerpt from a Live Dojo Workshop recording from December 2023. Appliantology tech members and Master Samurai Tech students can watch the full 35 minute workshop recording at Appliantology here.

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