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Doing Appliance Repair Service in a Pandemic

Posted on April 14, 2020 by - Business Talk, Career Talk

In these uncertain times, we know techs out there are concerned for the current situation and the future. We at Team Samurai have been crafting ways for techs to adapt to the pandemic economy as well as prepare for the "new normal" after the pandemic.

In case you missed it, the Samurai put on a webinar a few weeks ago where he went over a few concrete ways to adapt to the changing times and keep your business humming along. You can watch the recording below.

This includes implementing sanitation procedures as well as virtual service calls—you'll learn more in the video.

Things are undoubtably going to be different after the pandemic passes. Flexibility and adaptability will be key to keeping our businesses thriving! Watch the video below to learn more.


Free MST Student Premium Memberships at Appliantology

Posted on April 19, 2019 by - Academy Talk, Career Talk

We know techs: you are trying to master the skills of appliance repair ASAP so you can bring home that bacon. And we have a simple two-step process for making that happen.

Step 1: Take the courses here at the Master Samurai Tech Academy to learn the skills and knowledge you’ll use every day on the job.

Step 2: Use the resources at our sister site,, to help put your training into practice and get help from other masters when you need it. is the biggest and best online resource for working techs, where you can find:

  • Tech-only forums where thousands of dedicated techs exchange tips, tricks, and know-how every month
  • Access to all the schematics and service manuals you need (and in the rare case you can’t find it, just request it!)
  • Webinar recordings from the Master Samurai himself, covering both fundamental and advanced topics

In order to maintain the quality of this community—keeping it private and ad-free, moderating discussions, adding content constantly, and providing monthly prizes to the most engaged appliantologists—it is necessary that we charge a small yearly subscription fee. Our premium subscription fee is $197 / year.

Our Free Membership Packages for Students

To help provide our students with access to this valuable resource from day one of their training journey, we offer two free packages:

  1. Every new Master Samurai Tech student receives a FREE 6-month Student Membership over on Appliantology.

Who: Any student currently enrolled in one of our courses
What: Full, premium access to everything at Appliantology
Length: 6 months
Cost: FREE! (saving you nearly $100)

The sign-up form is in the Appliantology 101 course, which all students have access to.* Go through Units 1, 2, and 3, then you'll be good to go.

* You'll find Appliantology 101 in your course listing on the Members Area page, which is the page you land on when you log in. Or, if you're already logged in, click "My Courses" in the upper right of your desktop browser or at the bottom of the "hamburger" menu on a device.

  1. Every Master Samurai Tech student who receives their certification in our Core Appliance Repair Training course receives a FREE one-year Alumni Membership over on Appliantology!

Who: Any student that receives their MST certification in our Core Appliance Repair Training course.
What: Full, premium access to everything at Appliantology
Length: 1 year, and that’s just to start
Cost: FREE! (saving you at least $197)

Requirements for certification include:

  • Score 80% or better on each unit quiz
  • 90% or higher on each module exam (where applicable)
  • 90% or higher on both the midterm and final exams (where applicable)

Once you complete the course with the necessary scores, just fill out this short form, we’ll review it and set up your MST Alumni account mo’scratchie (that’s Samurai-speak for “quickly”).

So what do we mean by “and that’s just to start?” Well, unlike our normal membership, alumni can re-up their membership without paying a cent. How? Each year when your membership comes up for renewal, we will check to see whether you have a roughly 1:1 post to download ratio (i.e. you need to post one comment for every service manual or schematic you download). If you pass, we will renew your membership for another year, free of charge.

This is super easy to do and active Appliantology members are already far exceeding this ratio without even trying. And why wouldn’t you to save hundreds of dollars every year?

So why wait? Enroll today.

Diagnosing two different no-start complaints in electric dryers

Posted on November 20, 2018 by - Academy Talk, Career Talk, Tech Talk

"My dryer won't start. I think it's the belt."

Many people mistakenly think that working on an electric dryer is easy Parts-changing-monkey work. Just swap out the part that isn't doing its thing, right?

Oh, no, my bruthahs and sistahs. Electric dryers can have interesting circuits that are fun to troubleshoot... if you know your stuff. If you can’t troubleshoot the electric circuits in these “low tech”, Old Skool appliances, how can you expect to troubleshoot the modern, computer-controlled appliances? We teach this in the Core course.

Both of the electric dryers in the video below wouldn't start. The causes were different, but in both cases we were able to find the exact failure by gazing upon the schematic diagrams and doing a few measurements from the control panel. Minimum disassembly, maximum bad-assery. This is the power of knowing basic electricity and circuits. Learn more, earn more!



This video demonstrates a powerful troubleshooting tool: Electrically Equivalent Points (EEPs). By identifying EEPs on the schematic, you can speed up your diagnosis and prevent unnecessary disassembly. Work smarter not harder!



MST Radio Episode 27: Online Appliance Repair Schools- the good, the bad, and the scam

Posted on March 8, 2018 by - Academy Talk, Business Talk, Career Talk, MST Radio, Tech Talk

  • We compare and contrast three online training options with the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Oh yeah, we're naming names!
  • The Master Samurai Tech Bushido (code of honor)


You can listen to just the audio portion of the vodcast in the player below:

MST Radio Episode 26: Repairing Electronic Control Boards

Posted on February 27, 2018 by - Business Talk, Career Talk, MST Radio, Tech Talk

The Samurai and Mrs. Samurai share some highlights from the inaugural Appliantology Peer Group meeting. One of the topics discussed was the idea of doing electronic control board repairs as part of an appliance repair business.


You can listen to just the audio portion of the vodcast in the player below: