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If you are a current student with a question on course material, please post your question on the Student Forum.

If you have a question about Appliantology, then please use the contact form at that site so your question will get to the right person.

Otherwise, ask away! We get notified immediately and will reply promptly!

Fill out my online form.

Giving us a call
If you have some kind of MST Academy "emergency," then by all means give us a call at 603-290-5516. However, we are so keyed into being online, and are often in the middle of creating new course content, grading exams, or answering questions in the Student Forums, that your best bet is to send us an email using the form above, but one way or another we are here for you and will reply.

Looking for our web meeting space?

Our web meeting space at is here:

Master Samurai Tech
PO Box 809
New London, NH 03257

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