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MST Certification

The appliance repair training at the MST Academy provide a rigorous education in the essential knowledge and skills of the modern appliance technician. Successful completion of these courses should be celebrated, and the graduates honored!

Students enrolled in one of our technical courses are eligible to receive Certification of their successful completion of the courses from Master Samurai Tech.

MST Certification is bestowed upon those who complete the courses meeting the following criteria:

  • scored an 80% or better on the unit quizzes
  • 90% or higher on each module exam (where applicable)
  • 90% or higher on both the midterm and final exams (where applicable)

In fact, MST certification is much more like an educational degree and not just simply a certification obtained by passing an exam.

The courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy are rigorous and relevant to today’s modern, computer-controlled appliances.

If you have completed any of our technical courses and achieved the target scores required for certification, then show your accomplishment off to the world with a fine certificate, signed by the Samurai himself and mailed to you. Simply submit this form to us and we'll get 'er done.

If you are enrolled in a course bundle, then please wait until you have completed all of your courses before submitting this form!

You must be enrolled in one or more of our technical courses and logged in to the site to request a certificate!

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