Troubleshooting Appliance Control Boards: Inputs, Outputs, and Algorithms

When a control board doesn’t seem to behave the way it’s supposed to, does that mean it’s always time to replace the board? How do you avoid the dreaded callbacks on service calls where you replaced the board because you had no idea what else to replace? Is there a way to reliably troubleshoot computer-controlled appliances and avoid guesswork when it comes to the control board?

Of course there is, and Team Samurai is going to show you how!

It all boils down to understanding how these boards operate. In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to categorize everything connected to a control board in terms of inputs and outputs. We’ll then discuss how the board’s algorithm works with respect to those inputs and outputs.

Once you’ve learned how to think about control board configurations in this way, you’ll be a huge step closer to being able to troubleshoot computer-controlled appliances with confidence.

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