The Washer & Dryer Repair course by Master Samurai Tech Academy

Posted on October 14, 2019 by - Academy Talk, Tech Talk

That’s right - by popular demand, we’ve been crafting a course that gives you an in-depth look at the operation and technology of these laundry workhorses.

Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll learn:

  • Front-load and top-load washer operational overviews
  • Gas and electric dryer operational overviews
  • General disassembly
  • Mechanical and electronic user interface controls
  • Washer fill control systems
  • Detergent dispensing systems
  • Drain systems
  • Door and lid lock systems
  • Motor Drive systems, both split-phase and variable speed
  • Drum and tub support systems
  • Common problems in washers
  • Dryer air movement and venting
  • Dryer motors and drum rotation systems
  • Gas burner ignition systems
  • Electric dryer heating circuits
  • Gas dryer conversion
  • Air temperature control systems
  • Condensing dryers
  • Common problems in dryers

And more!

As with all of the Master Samurai Tech courses, each lesson is chock-full of high-quality MST original content, and will have an automatically-graded quiz to help you assess how well you learned the material, so you can go back to review and really nail down the information.


WHEN: Tuesday, October 29th
REQUIREMENTS: The course is designed with the assumption that students have already taken the Core Appliance Repair Training Course.
HOW MUCH: The tuition will be $375.


Will the course be added to the course Bundles?

The course will be available for individual purchase and also added to the course Bundles.

What if I already am enrolled in a Bundle - will I automatically get the course?

No, but that doesn’t mean you are missing out on anything. The new Bundle prices will be higher to reflect the addition of this course. This means that if you’ve already enrolled in a Bundle, you can just enroll separately in the Washer & Dryer course whenever you are ready for it. We will give those currently enrolled a discount so that the total cost will work out to be the same as if you had waited.

Why didn’t MST release a Washer and Dryer course sooner?

When we started the Master Samurai Tech Academy, our initial focus was on providing the technical training that we could see was desperately needed by the tech community. A lot of working techs had knowledge gaps, particularly when it came to electrical troubleshooting, that made it hard for them to kick butt on modern appliances, and we aimed to fill those gaps with our Core Appliance Repair Training course.

The objective of the Core Repair course is to impart a functional understanding of the technology common to all appliances along with troubleshooting techniques. A tech who is armed with this knowledge and skill can pull up the technical documents for any appliance and be able to diagnose and repair it - even one he's never laid his hands on before.

Do you understand how powerful that is? Your success as a technician is no longer dependent on your past repairs or specific product training or tech line.

But over time we had more and more students coming to us who were brand-new to the trade, and wanted more detailed teaching on specific types of appliances and more practice with troubleshooting using schematics. So we gradually put together our other technical courses over the past few years.

Two things influenced the order in which we created the courses: the appliances that are the most profitable to work on, and which topics techs and business owners were asking for the most.

Since the release of our last course, Oven & Range Repair, we’ve had a steady increase in the number of people who want Washer & Dryer technology training delivered by Team Samurai. We heard you! And now the wait is almost over.

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6 Responses to “The Washer & Dryer Repair course by Master Samurai Tech Academy”

  1. Ryan Smalley on

    Guys, I understand the adding a separate tuition, I really do. You guys put a lot of thought and work into these things. But I, for one, had to borrow the money from a relative to purchase the bundle, and I’ve been waiting to start on it for a couple of months in order to hopefully get the washer & dryer course thrown in. If I would’ve just waited, I could’ve done that, but I can’t just ask my relative for another $350, or whatever, after they already paid almost $1500 for my course bundle.

    Could you at the very least discount the price for us enrolled (or who’ve been enrolled: its only fair) so that it’s an attainable course study? I understand the Appliance companies who have money to burn, but I’m a single father and a self employed technician, with only myself as an employee. And it doesn’t make sense to do all the rest of the courses and not go through the washer & dryer one as well, because I need ALL the correct training I can get.

    So please. At least give us folks who look up to you a break. You do it when you offer the bundle. Thank you.

    • Susan Brown on

      Hi Ryan,
      I’m glad you asked this so I can clarify what I wrote in the post. For anyone who is already enrolled in a Bundle, we will make sure you don’t pay any more to add on the Washer and Dryer course than if you had waited to enroll until it was a part of it.

      We are still crunching the numbers on our end as to what the new Bundle prices will be. But once that number is established, we will create a discount code that you can use that will just be the difference between that price and the current price. So, the total you pay will be as if you enrolled after the new course was added.

      By the way, you will learn so much from the other courses, you may find that you can delay enrolling in the Washer & Dryer course until much further down the road. We launched the Fundamentals course over 5 years ago, and have had nearly 2000 folks take that course. These techs are working on all types of appliances, including laundry. All of our courses are great, but Fundamentals is the most game-changing one. So, don’t delay! Get started on it, and then figure out when you want to add the Laundry course down the road.

  2. Davy Crochet on

    Awesome, I can hardly wait to finish my current courses. (unfortunate delay at this time) I feel the courses I have completed to date are above any I have taken so far. It by far excell over any electronic’s course”s I had while on active duty. You have a way of presenting them so ANY layman can understand. I will add the new washer/dryer course as soon as it is available.

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