Name change: Fundamentals is now Core Appliance Repair Training

Posted on January 2, 2020 by - Academy Talk

Over the years Team Samurai has made numerous updates and improvements to the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair course. These include new videos and revamps of some units to help students better understand the material, as well as exams and quizzes to improve accountability.

On top of all these previous improvements, we're adding a new Module in January 2020 as well as overhauling of some of the Basic Electricity instruction and testing.

To better reflect how comprehensive this course is, we are changing its name to Core Appliance Repair Training (CART).

CART isn't a whole new course. Think of it as Fundamentals 2.0.

Already enrolled in Fundamentals? Here's what to expect.

The main difference will be the name change - Core, or CART, instead of Fundamentals. Your progress in the course won't be affected at all, and you will continue to access it the same way you always have.

You will soon see a new Module added before the Final Exam. We will also be updating some of the exams and quizzes in the course over the next few weeks. Students who are currently working through any of the units where changes are made may notice them, but it shouldn't be very disruptive.

Keep an eye on future newsletters where we will have updates on any significant changes. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions!

4 Responses to “Name change: Fundamentals is now Core Appliance Repair Training”

  1. James Duddleston on

    I see now I’m only 88% complete with the new Core Appliance Repair Training, however I already completed the Fundamentals course and final exam. Am I required to go back and take more courses and another final exam?
    Thank you,
    James Duddleston

    • Susan Brown on

      Hi James,

      Since you’ve already completed the Fundamentals course, you are not required to take the new units or retake the Final exam. This addition doesn’t affect your status at all. However, you might like to go through the new units. There is some crossover of the material with the other courses, but a few of the units are brand new. It’s up to you!

  2. Davy Crochet on

    Just completed the additional core courses . It took me about 2 hours to complete and, I feel that it gives a basic overview and, introduction to washer’s drier’s and dishwasher’s.

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