Use Amp Measurements and Beware of “Dummy Directions”

Knowing which electrical measurements to make while troubleshooting is the key to getting the best diagnostic information. Many techs, probably encouraged by manufacturer dummy directions, rely too much on ohms testing.

But there is a better way! Amps can give you much better understanding of what the fault is, and you can measure amps from easily accessible points along the same circuit, often cutting out the need for machine disassembly.

Manufacturer tech documents are often a mix of essential component specifications and not-so-helpful “dummy directions.” A Master tech learns how to mine the useful nuggets and ignore the rest.

In this video, for example, we’re troubleshooting an LG dryer that is (possibly) overheating. We have to make sense of the confused description of the problem and then avoid the further misleading information in the dummy directions while still looking for essential specifications. We do NOT read tech sheet dummy directions for instructions on how to troubleshoot. We already know how to do that because we understand how circuits work and can read schematics. Watch…

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