How Much Does Appliance Tech Training Cost?

Costs and Benefits of Appliance Tech TrainingMany of you may be asking yourselves: how much does training cost? Well the truth is good training doesn’t cost anything because it pays for itself. Whatever money you spend on the training that you need to become a good tech you’ll quickly earn back when you’re out in the field kicking appliance butt.

In fact, the better question to ask is: how much does it cost you not to get training? Profitablity and customer satisfaction rely on a high first call complete (FCC) rate. A high FCC rate comes primarily from successful pre-diagnostic work and sharp troubleshooting skills, which happen to be two key areas of instruction in the Core Appliance Repair Training course.


If you are either a novice or a working tech without a thorough background in electricity, schematics, and modern motor/circuit board configurations, then it is imperative for your bottom line that you divert some of your budget away from advertising and towards training. There’s no sense getting a bunch of calls if you can’t fix most of them on the first trip.

If you’ve been working as an appliance tech for awhile and still have a low FCC (below 80%), then you should definitely invest in some training.

After you’ve completed your training in appliance repair, then you can kick up the spending on advertising with confidence. You can also tout your new certification!

Make the right choice, get the training you need to succeed. Or, as we say at the Samurai Tech Academy, “Learn More. Earn More!”

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