How to Enroll in an Appliance Repair Training Course at the Samurai Tech Academy

Online_Training_400Enrolling in an appliance repair training course at the Samurai Tech Academy is fast and easy!

If you already have an account at MasterSamuraiTech.com, go ahead and log in now.

If you’ve never registered at the Samurai Tech Academy, don’t worry about it– you can register and enroll at the same time, just continue on…

1. Go to the Training Courses page to read about our various courses and then decide which training course or course bundle you would like to enroll in.


2. Go to the Enroll page and select the course or course bundle you want to enroll in from the pull down menu. Then, if you haven’t yet registered at the STA, you’ll enter your profile information.


3. Scroll down to the section of the form that says “Billing Method” and click “Add Billing Method” in the gray box. A secure Stripe payment window will pop up where you can enter your credit card information. Then click the red “Submit Form” button. The tuition payment transaction is completely secure and processed by Stripe.com, a major online credit card processing company.

If you prefer to pay with Paypal, scroll down further and click the link to the Paypal check out page.

That’s it! Once your tuition payment has been processed, you are good to go and can begin your studies right away.

If you have any questions about the Samurai Tech Academy course content or enrolling, please call us at 603-290-5516.