Electrical Concepts for Appliance Technicians, Part 1

Earlier this summer, the United Servicers Association, Long Island, NY, chapter asked me to do a live webinar training for their monthly meeting. They were in a conference room at a hotel in New York while I was in my office in New Hampshire, hosting the webinar from my computer. Webinar sessions are an awesome way to provide in-depth training to techs; not only was I able to show and annotate the presentation, but I could answer questions real-time and carry on a discussion.

Since my audience was experienced techs, I moved pretty quickly through the material and we covered a lot of ground in one evening. The four major topics were: 1) the basics of electricity; 2) series and parallel circuits; 3) Ohm’s Law; and 4) understanding and reading schematics. All of these topics and more are taught in our online Core Appliance Repair Training course.

This video on electron flow, voltage, and current is the first in a four-part series where I’ll be sharing the recordings from that training session. Come with me now on a journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment…


I unpack this much more thoroughly in my presentations in the Core Appliance Repair Training course. If you or your technicians would like more in depth learning on these topics, check out the Core course. We offer online, comprehensive, up-to-date, technical training for appliance technicians in the 21st century!