Core Course Updates May 2021

We’ve done some awesome updates on the Core Appliance Repair Course to improve our students’ experience even more!

Here’s what we added

We added 6 new units to the Operational Overview module.

  • Introduction to Appliance Repair
  • The Refrigerator Service Call
  • The Cooktop, Oven, and Range Service Call
  • The Washer Service Call
  • The Dryer Service Call
  • The Dishwasher Service Call

The units summarize the beginning points of a service call – both the communications you have with the customer and the initial observations that you make when you get to the job. In other words, the work that you do before diving in to the detailed troubleshooting.

Getting these initial steps right helps to streamline the entire job, avoiding wasted time and expense. Sometimes, they even solve the problem.

These units function in a couple of ways. One, for a new tech, they give them a quick familiarization with appliances, and some easy-to-implement strategies while they are working on learning the more technical material in the course.

For existing techs, they are an organized refresher to help them become even more efficient.

For everyone, they are a valuable reference.

Lastly, we moved the module to the beginning of the course, to help set the stage for the more technical modules to follow.

How this affects current Core Students:

If you are currently going through the Core course, you may be told that there are units that you haven’t completed.

This is because we have added some new units and also relocated the Operational Overview module to the beginning of the course (it was previously near the end).

All this means is that you need to go back to that module and complete the units that you haven’t yet done before you can move forward.

You will not have to retake any of the units that you have already completed.

The new content and structure is valuable, and we appreciate your patience with any disruption this caused in your progress.

If you have any questions at all, please Contact us.