Celebrating 10 Years of MST with 10% off for 10 days starting April 10th

In 2014, after many years of running Appliantology, our appliance repair tech support site, we knew your pain points:

  • How can I avoid replacing the wrong part?
  • How do I know if the board is defective or something else?
  • How do I build my crew of techs when I can’t find an experienced person to hire?
  • How do I improve my experienced techs’ electrical troubleshooting skills?
  • How can I do all this without breaking the bank?

In April of that year, we responded with our first revolutionary online training course, offering a powerful and cost-effective tool to build and improve technician troubleshooting skills.

Ten years later, Master Samurai Tech now offers a complete set of online training courses for appliance technicians and office support staff. Hundreds of companies and thousands of techs have benefited from our cutting edge, convenient, and affordable training.

Let’s celebrate 10 years of appliance repair mastery!

We are giving 10% off ANY course or bundle at Master Samurai Tech, and 10% off any paid membership at Appliantology (new OR renewals).

The discount begins April 10th and runs for 10 days. UPDATE: extended through midnight on April 20th!

Use the code TENYEARS at checkout.

If you are a company that already gets a 10% discount, we’ll bump you up to the 15% level! Just be sure to use the Employer Enrollment form.

If you are a company that already qualifies for the 15% discount, we’ll send you some free Merchandise as a gift during this sale. Just contact us for details.

Thank you to all the students and companies who have trained with us. We are incredibly grateful for your trust in us.

There will be more fun giveaways and announcements as the year progresses, so stay in touch!