Are you looking for a lucrative career in the trades?

Learn the core and advanced skills that are in high demand to begin your career or start your own business.


You can earn a good salary as an appliance repair tech.


It’s easy to learn and get into the field.


Employers are actively looking for trained techs to hire.

  • It's in the news all the time: there is a lack of skilled labor in this country! And in the appliance repair trade, there are a lot of guys working in it who do not have the training or skills to deal effectively with the newer, computer-controlled appliances.

    That skill gap is precisely why we created the Master Samurai Tech School - we recognized what was missing in appliance repair training, and we have filled that need with affordable and convenient courses.

    A well-trained appliance repair tech can easily get work, either on his own or with a service company. With our courses you can learn the core and advanced skills that are in high demand to begin your career or start your own business and help you achieve your dreams of a lucrative career. 

  • The courses are all on demand and self paced, so you can fit your studies into a normal working schedule. The ideal schedule involves spending an hour or so a day, several days a week, working through the course.

    However, the flexibility of the online format means you can adapt the routine to fit your needs!

    This course is divided up into modules and units. Modules cover a particular topic, such as Basic Electricity. Units are the individual lessons in a module.

    1. You go through the lessons in each course in sequential order. 
    2. Each lesson has an automatically-graded quiz at the end, with two attempts allowed to get the highest grade they can.
    3. There are also Module Exams for review, and a Midterm and Final which have open-answer questions that we personally grade. These are very powerful tools for assessing comprehension of the material! (Note: the number and type of exams varies with each course.)
    4. You can set your own goals for your quiz and exam scores, or you can aim for MST certification.

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  • Your training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy focuses on understanding the technology used in modern, computer-controlled appliances and developing a disciplined troubleshooting approach to solving problems with them. But disassembly is definitely part of the job.

    So what about hands-on training?

    In fact, hands-on training is the least of your worries.

    Anyone with a wrench can watch a video or read a service manual and learn how to disassemble an appliance to replace a part-- monkey see, monkey do. But it takes a highly skilled and trained technician who understands the technology and knows how to troubleshoot and replace the right part! and YouTube have made hands-on training obsolete relics of the “olde skool” who haven’t yet gotten the memo about the Internet. In fact, a big problem in the appliance repair profession today is that there’s been too much emphasis on hands-on training for far too long and not nearly enough emphasis on brains-on training. As a result, there are lots of parts-changers today changing the wrong part and a critical shortage of real technicians who understand what troubleshooting is and know how to fix it right.

    Professional technician members at can download manufacturer’s service manuals with detailed disassembly information. And YouTube has tens of thousands of free videos showing every kind of disassembly you can think of. But only Master Samurai Tech will teach you how to get it fixed right the first time.

  • We currently have 5 technical courses for the aspiring appliance repair tech. We also have two soft-skills courses to choose from.

    1. Core Appliance Repair Training
    2. Advanced Troubleshooting
    3. Refrigerator Repair
    4. Oven and Range Repair
    5. Washer and Dryer Repair
    6. Professional Service (Customer relations and other soft skills)
    7. Business Management (includes the material in Professional Service, plus Business-related lessons appropriate for a self-employed tech.)

    These are sold together in a "Tech Bundle" or a "Business Bundle" where you get either the Professional Service  or Business course for a discount. The courses are available for individual purchase, as well.

    If you are thinking of working as an independent tech, running your own business, then enroll in the Business Bundle. If you will be seeking employment with a service company, the the Tech Bundle is a great choice.

    Every tech begins with our Core Appliance Repair Training. It's our most popular course for a reason - most techs in this trade do not have the skills needed to deal effectively with today's computer-controlled appliances, and this course delivers.

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  • Of course this varies with each student, but we can give you a general idea. If you work at a steady pace, doing at least 4-6 lessons per week, you can complete Core Appliance Repair Training in about 2 months, and the other technical courses in about a month each. On the other hand, if you are taking Core full-time, it can be completed in a matter of a couple of weeks.

    Here are approximate time ranges for the courses. Techs who have a stronger background in electricity and are more comfortable in a learning environment (studying, taking tests) will be on the shorter end. Techs who are complete novices or need more interactive help from us to master the material will take longer.

    Core: 40-80 hours
    Advanced Troubleshooting: 25-30 hours
    Oven & Range Repair: 25-35 hours
    Refrigerator Repair: 30-50 hours
    Washer & Dryer Repair: 20-25 hours

  • You can enroll in a cost-saving bundle, or just one course at a time - whatever works for you!

    All of the tuitions are listed on the Courses Page.

    Read about our company multi-tech discounts on this page.

    Need financing? Use PayPal Credit for interest-free monthly payments. We also have a Behalf merchant account, if you want to pay with your Behalf credit line.

  • When a student meets our high scoring standards on all of the quizzes and exams in a course, he or she will earn a Certificate of Achievement from Master Samurai Tech. We also have custom "MST Academy Certified Technician" patches available for their uniform.

    Earning Appliance Repair Certification at the MST Academy demonstrates a commitment to your profession and an unparalleled depth of knowledge.

    If you are wanting to impress an employer, this will do it.

    If you own your own business and simply need to impress your customers - you will.

    How is MST Certification different from others?

    Most certifications are based on simply passing a single exam. Master Samurai Tech's appliance repair certification shows that you passed dozens of quizzes and exams while receiving a structured and rigorous education in the essential knowledge and skills of the modern appliance technician.

    In fact, the MST Academy is more like a certificate program, a growing trend in higher education for both acquiring and demonstrating skills, which typically indicates completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus along with some kind of assessment that must be passed.