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Increase your First Call Completes and customer satisfaction with our cost-effective yet cutting-edge tech training


Increase your customers' satisfaction levels to gain and secure more business.


Flexible training works around your service calls.


Discounts available for multiple techs.

  • We have a unique stack of strengths that makes our training so powerful:
    - Trainers with in-depth knowledge of appliance and troubleshooting technology
    - 20+ years of interacting with appliance techs online, so we know where the knowledge gaps are and how to communicate with techs
    - A robust and flexible online platform that allows the training to adapt to the needs of the trade
    - Powerful training content delivered in a way that is convenient and cost-effective

    We’ve collected hundreds of 5-star reviews. Here’s a small sample of the feedback we’ve received:

    "Hiring a technician is hard, building one is even harder. Master Samurai Tech Academy provides cutting-edge training and education to train new and existing technicians in basic theory of appliance repair. MST helps us weed out those that shouldn’t become techs. We give all new hires 90 days to pass the MST Technician’s Bundle. Those that fail don’t make the team.
    "MST works! The courses are thorough, comprehensive and relevant. The quizzes and final exam are tough and the teachers strict but not as tough as today’s appliances and the customers we serve. Customers deserve the best repairs, MST is the best on-line appliance repair training program. MST has helped us build 7 new techs in less time than we could have done on our own. We’re working on building 2 more with MST. We also use the Fundamentals course for skills updating of existing technicians." Paul MacDonald, Director of Customer Service & Service, Yale Appliance & Lighting in Boston, MA

    “[Team Samurai] believe that proper diagnosis has almost become a lost art in our industry and they want to bring it back. I believe every technician, regardless of skill level, could benefit from their courses. They’ve been a great partner for us by helping our franchisees hire the people they want and have the option for them to learn a valuable skill while giving our end customer the experience they deserve.” - Doug Rogers, President, Mr. Appliance LLC

    "I just wanted to personally thank you for the support you provide to our team. The personalities we are dealing with range in a variety of ways and you are always so professional. You are part of the reason we have gone from 17 technicians to 26 producing technicians in a very short time. (4 more in the pipeline) Your curriculum is really working and adding [our own] hands on helps mold it all together. Thank you for all you do and the technicians careers you help start." - Tim Willis, Service Manager, Yale Appliance and Lighting

    "I was one of the skeptical, seasoned veterans in the business. But [your training] has helped me to understand schematics much better and, more importantly, I have turned that understanding into money." - Peter Onorio, Pete's Appliance Service, West Babylon, NY

    “I love this course. It is phenomenal. It is challenging, which is good because it helps you to think about what you are doing. I will be able to do my jobs: Better, Faster, and more Profitably because of this course. Thank you Master Samurai Tech for all your help. – Matthew Tynan

    This is the best content available anywhere. This platform is second to none. For years I have searched for an online course to learn basic electricity and electronics. I finally found it. I have also attended other electrical classes, technical schools and earned top grades at a well-known refrigeration school. Fundamentals is the best training available. Thank you for creating this opportunity for us to learn this craft.” – Jason Quinn

    The Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training Course far exceeded my expectations. This course takes you from the basics of electricity all the way to mastery of troubleshooting and repairing appliances. It is very comprehensive covering such things as the tools you need (physical and mental) and applying the “10-Step Tango” a methodical approach that can save you lots of time and really help you be more successful. I got a sense of professionalism and even admiration for the appliance repair trade. I’m grateful that I found Master Samurai Tech and its great team. They were there every step of the way with encouragement and guidance. Even though it took focus and dedication to complete all the work, it was a lot of fun and very interesting. I highly recommend this course. Thank you. Abe Almonte (AKA: honeybadger)”

    “Let’s just give a big round of applause to Mr. & Mrs. Samurai for creating such a well-rounded program. This course goes into a depth that ensures you have a strong understanding of the basic fundamentals of "appliantology.” Don't ever give up & always study hard. They're strict about their scores because they want their students to excel, not barely get by. This program converts parts-changing monkeys into real appliance repair techs.” - Elijah Childers

Found my source for learning. Unlike other distance learning experiences, MST and staff knock the ball outta the park, in promptness on replies as well as content covered and affordability. Let’s not forget about the alternate material @ Appliantology.org. These are very qualified people.” - Anthony (Joe) Hills

I absolutely LOVED this course. I will admit to being a little wary of what an online course could offer. This surprised, impressed and really challenged me. I have spent the last 23 years working in aviation and thought I had a pretty solid background in electronics and basic electricity. Boy was I wrong. This course reinforced what I already knew and added a whole new level of information I didn't know I needed. Thank you Team Samurai.” - Ron Frias

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  • The courses are all on demand and self paced, so a tech can fit his studies into a normal working schedule. A common scenario involves a tech spending an hour or two a day, several days a week, working through each course. The remainder of the time is spent riding along with an experienced tech or otherwise applying what he's learning. Other techs prefer to spend more time studying to complete the courses faster.

    The flexibility of the online format means you can adapt the routine to fit your needs!

    This course is divided up into modules and units. Modules cover a particular topic, such as Basic Electricity. Units are the individual lessons in a module.

    1. You go through the lessons in each course in sequential order. 
    2. Each lesson has an automatically-graded quiz at the end, with two attempts allowed to get the highest grade they can.
    3. There are also Module Exams for review, and a Midterm and Final which have open-answer questions that we personally grade. These are very powerful tools for assessing comprehension of the material! 
    4. You as the training supervisor can set goals with the tech, or you can have them aim for MST certification.

    Click here to see a short video that shows how the courses work.

    Try our FREE Course Sample to get a feel for what our instruction is like!

  • Since all of the coursework is self-paced, the length of time to complete the courses varies with each student. But we can give you a general idea. If you work at a steady pace, doing at least 4-6 lessons per week, you can complete Core in about 2 months, and the other technical courses in about a month each. On the other hand, if you are taking Core full-time, it can be completed in a matter of a couple of weeks.

    Here are approximate time ranges for the courses. Techs who have a stronger background in electricity and are more comfortable in a learning environment (studying, taking tests) will be on the shorter end. Techs who are complete novices or need more interactive help from us to master the material will take longer.

    Core: 40-80 hours
    Advanced Troubleshooting: 25-30 hours
    Oven & Range Repair: 25-35 hours
    Refrigerator Repair: 30-50 hours
    Washer & Dryer Repair: 20-25 hours

  • We currently have 5 technical courses and 1 "soft skills" course that is appropriate for every tech:

    1. Core Appliance Repair Training
    2. Advanced Troubleshooting
    3. Refrigerator Repair
    4. Oven and Range Repair
    5. Washer and Dryer Repair
    6. Professional Service (Customer relations and other soft skills)

    These are sold together in a "Tech Bundle", where you get the Professional Service course for free. The courses are available for individual purchase, as well.

    To be honest, most techs, no matter how much experience they have, should start with Core. We've had techs with 20+ years experience say that this course filled in all those knowledge gaps in Electricity, Electronics, and Troubleshooting, which seriously upped their game.

    Yet, Core is also designed for the rookie tech as well. It's our most popular course for a reason - most techs in this trade do not have the skills needed to deal effectively with today's computer-controlled appliances, and this course delivers.

    Click the button to get more details about the courses!

  • If you have two or more techs enrolled at the Academy, then we can create a Supervisor Dashboard for you at your own personal account, so that you can see all of your techs' progress in one location. Just use our Contact Form to request this. Please give us the names of the techs who you want on the dashboard, and any additional supervisors at your company who should have a dashboard as well.

    If you are supervising an employee who is taking an MST course, then you can simply log in to their account and at the Welcome Page you will see a display of their progress and overall grade so far for the course. So, for each employee, be sure to know their username and password.

    You can also set up an email address for the tech that will be used just for his training, and arrange for it to forward to your email. This way you'll see all of the progress emails as he/she work through the course.

    Read our Employer Resource Page for more information on optimizing your tech's training at the Academy!

  • You can enroll in a cost-saving bundle, or just one course at a time - whatever works for you!

    All of the tuitions are listed on the Courses Page.

    Read about our company multi-tech discounts on this page.

    Need financing? Use PayPal Credit for interest-free monthly payments. We also have a Behalf merchant account, if you want to pay with your Behalf credit line.

  • When a student meets our high scoring standards on all of the quizzes and exams in a course, he or she will earn a Certificate of Achievement from Master Samurai Tech. We also have custom "MST Academy Certified Technician" patches available for their uniform.

    Earning Appliance Repair Certification at the MST Academy demonstrates a commitment to your profession and an unparalleled depth of knowledge.

    If you are wanting to impress an employer, this will do it.

    If you own your own business and simply need to impress your customers - you will.

    How is MST Certification different from others?

    Most certifications are based on simply passing a single exam. Master Samurai Tech's appliance repair certification shows that you passed dozens of quizzes and exams while receiving a structured and rigorous education in the essential knowledge and skills of the modern appliance technician.

    In fact, the MST Academy is more like a certificate program, a growing trend in higher education for both acquiring and demonstrating skills, which typically indicates completion of a course or series of courses with a specific focus along with some kind of assessment that must be passed.