Appliance Repair Jobs Board

Whether you’re an appliance technician looking for a job, or an appliance repair operator looking for a trained tech to hire, Master Samurai Tech is here to help.

For Students: Finding a Job

All Master Samurai Tech students and alumni have access to an invaluable appliance repair jobs board from day one: Appliantology.org, the largest online community of appliance repair professionals. Not only can you meet and network with your peers, but you can post your contact info to the forum Looking for a Job? to connect with prospective appliance repair employers. *

Many of our alumni have found employment success by tapping into the power of our online community. Just be sure to emphasize any courses you’ve taken with Master Samurai Tech, as that is a highly-valued trait in appliance repair job candidates.

And if you need any other advice regarding your career, don’t hesitate to reach out to the masters. We’re here to help you have your best career.

* Note: you must be an Appliantology premium member to post in Looking for a Job?, so be sure to take advantage of your free MST Student Membership or earn the even more valuable Alumni Membership

For Companies: Finding a Trained Tech

We all know how hard it is to find skilled appliance repair techs who are looking for a job, and the reality is that most Master Samurai Tech students either have a job already or plan to remain self-employed. But there are always a number of graduates looking for jobs, with the skills and self-direction to help your business grow.

To help these graduates find jobs, we run an appliance repair jobs board at Appliantology.org, where techs can post their interest in finding a job* and companies can post positions they’re looking to fill. You must be a premium member at Appliantology to view or post in this forum, but there are so many benefits to a membership, it’s well worth the modest yearly fee. Learn more here.