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Increase your First Call Completes and customer satisfaction with our cost-effective yet cutting-edge tech training

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Get up-to-speed on troubleshooting and repairing today's computer-controlled appliances to increase your income.

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Learn the fundamental and advanced skills that are in high demand to begin your career or start your own business.

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About Master Samurai Tech

We are a family-owned and run business. Scott and Susan Brown have worked for 20 years in the home appliance repair industry, both training online and running their own service business. We also have unique educational and experience credentials that give us that extra "oomph" when it comes to teaching electricity, electronics, and troubleshooting. Read more about us here!

Online Training Totally Rocks

You just can't beat online training for delivering training that is flexible, affordable, and UP-TO-DATE. We can (and do) easily update the course materials to reflect the needs of our students and stay on the cutting edge of the needs of the trade.

You Get Personal Help When You Need It

The coursework is self-paced and on-demand, but when you need personal help with any of the material we are here for you with several interactive features. Ask questions in the Student Forums, or attend our live "Office Hours." Get feedback and help on certain open-answer exams. Team Samurai will give you the help you need!

“I firmly believe that these courses are the greatest thing that have ever happened in the appliance service industry, because they give a solid and thorough foundation for troubleshooting and repairing modern appliances.”

- Todd Daganaar, President, Nebraska Home Appliance

"I have run my own business for over 3 years and am completely self taught. Scott's training is superior to other online sources I have studied. The depth of my diagnostic process has increased dramatically since taking this course.... my profits have definitely increased based on the training I received."

- Ron T., business owner in Atlanta, GA

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