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Flexible training works around your techs’ service calls.


Discounts available for multiple techs.

  • A few months after opening the MST Academy, a business owner reported to us that sending their tech through Core Appliance Repair Training literally turned his life around. They were on the verge of firing him, and now he's one of their sharpest techs.

    We have hundreds of students in the Academy, and the rave reviews keep coming in!

    That's because we focus on teaching the primary skill that most techs are lacking today, yet makes a huge difference in a company's profitability: effective troubleshooting using schematics and electrical testing.

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  • The courses are all on demand and self paced, so your tech can fit his studies into a normal working schedule. A common scenario involves a tech spending an hour or so a day, several days a week, working through each course. The remainder of the time is spent riding along with an experienced tech so he can start applying what he's learning. Other owners prefer to have them spend more time studying to complete the courses faster.

    The flexibility of the online format means you can adapt the routine to fit your needs!

    This course is divided up into modules and units. Modules cover a particular topic, such as Basic Electricity. Units are the individual lessons in a module.

    1. You go through the lessons in each course in sequential order. 
    2. Each lesson has an automatically-graded quiz at the end, with two attempts allowed to get the highest grade they can.
    3. There are also Module Exams for review, and a Midterm and Final which have open-answer questions that we personally grade. These are very powerful tools for assessing comprehension of the material! 
    4. You as the training supervisor can set goals with the tech, or you can have them aim for MST certification.

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  • Since all of the coursework is self-paced, the length of time to complete the courses varies with each student. But we can give you a general idea. If you work at a steady pace, doing at least 4-6 lessons per week, you can complete Core Appliance Repair Training in about 2 months, and the other technical courses in about a month each. On the other hand, if you are taking Core full-time, it can be completed in a matter of a couple of weeks.

    Here are approximate time ranges for the courses. Techs who have a stronger background in electricity and are more comfortable in a learning environment (studying, taking tests) will be on the shorter end. Techs who are complete novices or need more interactive help from us to master the material will take longer.

    Core: 40-80 hours
    Advanced Troubleshooting: 25-30 hours
    Oven & Range Repair: 25-35 hours
    Refrigerator Repair: 30-50 hours

  • We currently have 4 technical courses and 1 "soft skills" course that is appropriate for your employee techs:

    1. Core Appliance Repair Training
    2. Advanced Troubleshooting
    3. Advanced Refrigerator Repair
    4. Advanced Oven and Range Repair
    5. Advanced Washer and Dryer Repair
    5. Professional Service (Customer relations and other soft skills)

    These are sold together in a "Tech Bundle", where you get the Professional Service course for free. This Bundle is the most powerful resource for your tech! The courses are available for individual purchase, as well.

    To be honest, most techs, no matter how much experience they have, should start with Core Appliance Repair Training. We've had techs with 20+ years experience say that this course filled in all those knowledge gaps in Electricity, Electronics, and Troubleshooting, which seriously upped their game.

    Yet, the Core Appliance Repair Training course is also designed for the rookie tech as well. It's our most popular course for a reason - most techs in this trade do not have the skills needed to deal effectively with today's computer-controlled appliances, and this course delivers.

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  • If you have two or more techs enrolled at the Academy, then we can create a Supervisor Dashboard for you at your own personal account, so that you can see all of your techs' progress in one location. Just use our Contact Form to request this. Please give us the names of the techs who you want on the dashboard, and any additional supervisors at your company who should have a dashboard as well.

    If you are supervising an employee who is taking an MST course, then you can simply log in to their account and at the Welcome Page you will see a display of their progress and overall grade so far for the course. So, for each employee, be sure to know their username and password.

    You can also set up an email address for the tech that will be used just for his training, and arrange for it to forward to your email. This way you'll see all of the progress emails as he/she work through the course.

    Read our Employer Resource Page for more information on optimizing your tech's training at the Academy!




A well-trained tech is a key component to the success of your business, yet hard to find. So we recommend: take a good worker and use our convenient, affordable, and most of all EFFECTIVE training to make your employee a super-tech!