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I came into the appliance business (customer service) literally knowing nothing about appliances and their repair issues. Now I'm talking about rime ice like I'm a pro! These modules have helped me so much; more than I can even express in this review. It helps me sound like I know what I'm talking about it and it helps the customers feel comfortable talking to me. Thank you so much.
- Jennifer Morrissey

This lesson was awesome and thorough. It was also very informative.
- Antonio Anferson

A couple of the hyperlinks on the dishwasher course were not working [update: that was just temporary downtime at a 3rd party website], otherwise very fun and engaging.
- Eddie

The course was excellent. I had about 8 months of experience on the job before taking the course (absolutely no experience in customer service or appliances before that). The study guides were great, it helped to go back through the reading again after the first read in order to create the study guide and categorize/list everything. The quizzes were excellent reading comprehension tests. There were a few "gotcha" questions which aren't necessarily bad, but can be frustrating. There were a couple quiz questions (I don't remember specifics) that used a term or terminology that wasn't present in the reading. The concepts were relevant but sometimes the wording wasn't a match. That may have been intentional as the terminology in the business is extremely varied. None of it seemed like a waste of time and I learned a lot in every section. The only thing I wished for that wasn't present was some information on how to deal with do-it-yourself customers buying parts over the counter. Although it is literally impossible (and absolutely not my job) to guide people through repairing their appliances at the store. So I'm not sure what could be said about dealing with that customer, but I have to deal with them everyday.
- Chris Carter

Really informative on each appliance and how they operate. Great advice on what may cause failure issues on the different appliances used in home.
- Melody Long

This is an awesome course, I may not be a technician but I was able to understand more about appliances including Customer Service without much effort. Thanks!
- Nancy

I wasn't overly impressed with the wording for some questions. I get trying to ensure info is retained, but tricky wording just makes stuff less interesting to me. Also, I wasn't a fan of the notion that brand-name products were superior. I feel like there is room for improvement, and the course didn't actually touch on customer service as much as it indicated. Note from Team Samurai: thank you for your feedback. We do not intentionally use 'tricky wording', and are always available for questions if you need assistance.
- Laura

The Course was very enlightening, and I learned some very important information about the different appliances. There was things mention that I knew from experience and a lot of things that I was not aware of. Thank you for allowing us as Customer Service Reps to be able to participate in these Courses.
- Ouida Taylor

Great, informative, comprehensive course!
- Patrice Rington

I absolutely loved this course! I've started joining the technician on some service calls and this fundamentals training has helped me to have a better understanding of what the potential problems could be. The course is well thought out, and easily understandable for beginners with little to no appliance knowledge. Thank you for the hard work in putting the course materials together!
- Julia Jaimez

These were great courses, very well laid out, I didn't expect to. but I really learned a lot, Thanks!!

This was an excellent course! Thank you so much!
- Melanie Fiander
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