MST-Certified Technicians | Master Samurai Tech

Master Samurai Tech (MST) is the premier national appliance repair school, training novices and experienced technicians alike. Our mission is to develop trusted experts, true masters of their craft, who can be relied upon to successfully repair appliances the first time. That means fewer headaches for customers and a better reputation for our industry overall.

What can customers expect of Certified Technicians?

Rigorous Training and Certification
MST-Certified technicians have undergone hundreds of hours of structured training and are rigorously tested throughout to ensure they’re mastering their craft. At the end of their training, only A students—the best of the best—receive their certification.

Not Your Grandma’s Appliance Technicians
MST-Certified technicians do not operate by gut or guesswork. Our modern training equips each tech with an engineer’s understanding of how appliances work, an electrician’s expertise with circuitry, and a scientist’s meticulousness with their troubleshooting. Regardless of the make or model of the appliance—and that includes new, computer-controlled appliances—they can diagnose the root cause of any problem and its solution.

Lifetime Students of the Trade
MST-Certified technicians have access to more tech resources, as well as more opportunities for continuing education, than your average technician. We expect our alumni to continue improving their already considerable expertise throughout their careers.

We encourage you to put our Certified Technicians to the test. We’re confident they will take expert care of your appliances.