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Delivering Professional Service Training Course

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Who the course is for
Professional techs
# of modules and units
4 modules and 10 units
Estimated time to complete
Up to 2 weeks, part-time
Length of access
2 years
Cost of continued enrollment
$10 / month for bundle

What You'll Learn

  • How to use people skills to turn customers into advocates of your business
  • How to use pre-diagnosis for more efficient repairs and first-call completes
  • How to use the Big Four Essentials to ensure successful work that pleases both your customers and your boss

The Non-Technical Side of Appliance Repair

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s not always enough to be a technical repair wizard. How you handle service calls from start to finish—especially how you interact with homeowners—can make a tremendous difference.

We developed Delivering Professional Service to teach techs the soft skills needed to transform every repair job, good or bad, into a positive customer experience. Happier customers mean five-star reviews, friend referrals and repeat business, all of which put more money in your pocket.

Note: This course material is also included in Modern Business Management.


No prerequisite.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1 Professional Development Course Orientation
Welcome and how to use.
Unit 1 Study Tips and How to Use the Professional Development Course
Module 2 Groundwork for Great Service
Explaining the customer's mindset on service calls; business realities that every tech needs to know; First Call Completes (FCC) and their importance to the customer, the company, the technician; Pre-diagnosing service calls to maximize FCC rate and make customer-cheerleaders.
Unit 1 Essential Background Info: Customer Mindset and Business Realities
Unit 2 First Call Completes, Your Company, and You
Unit 3 Pre-Diagnosing Your Service Calls
Module 3 Delivering Great Service
The mindset of the professional appliance repair tech; the Big Four Essentials for every service call; Dealing with special circumstances and problems; a typical day in the life of a Master Samurai Tech, the consummate appliance repair professional.
Unit 1 Bushido of a Master Samurai Tech
Unit 2 Four Things You Must Do on Every Service Call
Unit 3 Special Circumstances and Precautions
Unit 4 A Day in the Life of a Master Samurai Tech
Module 4 Resources for Continuing Education and Final Exam
Resources for keeping up with the technical and professional aspects of the appliance repair trade. Final exam for the PDART course.
Unit 1 Resources for Continuing Education and Professional Development
Unit 2 PDART Course Final Exam