Core Appliance Repair Training Course

Learn how appliances work so you know how to make them work again—without guessing, without fail. Our inside-out approach is the only one of its kind and the only one guaranteed to make you a true appliance repair technician. See course syllabus.

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Training 2 or more techs?

Train new techs and bring older techs up-to-speed on modern appliance technology and troubleshooting.

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Who the course is for
All techs
# of modules and units
9 modules and 55 units
Estimated time to complete
40-80 hours
Length of access
1 year
Cost of continued enrollment
$5 / month

What You'll Learn

  • A foolproof, easy-to-learn method for troubleshooting
  • How basic electricity and circuits work
  • How to read appliance schematics
  • How to test circuit boards and perform a load analysis to accurately identify and fix the source of problems
  • How to measure, diagnose and fix gas pressure and flow problems
  • How to identify, troubleshoot and fix all varieties of motors and motor control systems
  • The name and function of appliance components, including those in modern, computer-controlled appliances

Start Here for a Better Career

Our graduates, including many longtime technicians, call our Core Appliance Repair Training course a game-changer for their career. The program is based on a simple principle: you can’t make something work again if you never knew how it worked in the first place.

We start with the fundamentals of electricity and gas, then zoom out to cover the appliance technology that runs on them, technology that’s used by every brand. Rounding out the training is a deep dive into troubleshooting and diagnostics. Our goal is to get you to a place where, anytime you replace a part, you do so not because you hope it’s the source of a problem, but because you know it is.

Is it overkill to know Ohm’s Law or how a compressor system works? No way. Ask any of our students who accepted the challenge of becoming a true appliance repair technician, none question the value of what they learned here. They’re too busy kicking butt and making money.

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Pass quizzes and course exams to earn your Appliance Repair Certification. Students who earn their Core Appliance Repair certification also receive a one-year membership to Appliantology, the biggest and best online resource for working techs. That’s a $197 value FREE, and that’s just for starters.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1Core Appliance Repair Training Course Orientation
Welcome! The objective and mission of the Samurai Tech Academy. How to to get around the Academy and use this course.
Unit 1Welcome! Meet your Sensei
Unit 2How to Use and Interact with the Core Appliance Repair Training Course
Module 2Tools and Test Instruments
Basic tools that every tech needs on every service call.
Unit 1Basic Tools to Have on Hand for Every Service Call
Unit 2Your Tool Back Pack for Appliance Service Calls
Unit 3Information Tools
Module 3Basic Electricity
Volts, ohms, amps. Ohm's Law. Series and parallel circuits. Loads and voltage drop. Basic electrical measurements. Reading wiring diagrams.
Unit 1Basic Electricity: Electrical Terms
Unit 2What is Electricity? Current and Voltage
Unit 3Basic Electricity: Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power
Unit 4Basic Electricity: Circuit Components
Unit 5Basic Electricity: Series and Parallel Circuits
Unit 6Basic Electricity: Circuit Breaker Panels and Power Outlets
Unit 7Basic Electricity: Electrical Measurements in Appliance Repair
Unit 8Basic Electricity: Voltage, Voltage Drop, and Load
Unit 9Basic Electricity: More on DC and AC Voltage and Current
Unit 10Basic Electrical Wiring Skills in Appliance Repair
Unit 11Introduction to Schematic and Wiring Diagrams
Unit 12Basic Electricity Module Exam
Module 4Basic Electronics
Control board configurations in appliances. Common components on electronics boards encountered in appliance repair. Electronics connectors. Handling electronic boards. Testing diodes and rectifiers.
Unit 1Core Appliance Repair Training Course Midterm Exam
Unit 2Electronics in Appliance Repair
Unit 3Components on Electronic Control Boards
Unit 4Basic Electronics: Capacitors
Unit 5Basic Electronics: Transformers
Unit 6Control Board Configurations Used in Appliance Repair
Unit 7Working with and Handling Electronics Boards in Appliance Repair
Unit 8Basic Electronics Module Exam
Module 5Troubleshooting
Fundamental law for troubleshooting. Basic diagnostic and correction procedure. Technician's diagnostic guide. Basic troubleshooting techniques and strategies. Using schematic diagrams to troubleshoot appliances.
Unit 1Introduction to Troubleshooting
Unit 2Troubleshooting Basics and Strategies
Unit 3The Ten-Step Troubleshooting Tango
Unit 4Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 1
Unit 5Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 2
Unit 6Pre-Diagnosing the Problem before the Service Call
Unit 7Troubleshooting Module Exam
Module 6Basic Gas
Gas fuels in appliance repair; Physical properties of gas fuels; Natural gas distribution; How LP gas differs from natural gas; Gas pressure regulators; Measuring gas pressure; Gas flame characteristics.
Unit 1Introduction to Gas Fuels in Appliance Repair
Unit 2Physical Properties of Gas Fuels
Unit 3Measuring Gas Pressure
Unit 4Natural Gas Distribution
Unit 5How LP Gas Differs from Natural Gas
Unit 6Gas Pressure Regulators
Unit 7Carbon Monoxide
Unit 8Gas Flame Characteristics
Unit 9Basic Gas Module Exam
Module 7Appliance Parts
Familiarization with various parts used in appliances: pumps, switches, relays, motors, sensors, and more.
Unit 1Switches and Relays
Unit 2Pressure Switches, Thermostats, and Sensors
Unit 3Solenoid Valves
Unit 4Heating Elements
Unit 5Gas Appliance Parts: Valves, Flame Detectors, Ignitors, Spark Modules
Unit 6Appliance Parts Module Exam
Module 8Appliance Motors
Motor systems used in modern appliances. Principles of operation and failure modes.
Unit 1Overview of Electric Motors Used in Appliances
Unit 2Variable Frequency Drive Systems
Unit 3Single-Phase Asynchronous AC Motors
Unit 4Appliance Motors: Supplemental Material
Unit 5Appliance Motors Module Exam
Module 9Core Operational Overviews
Operational Overviews
Unit 1Core: Refrigerator Operational Overview
Unit 2Core: Gas Cooktop, Oven, and Range Operational Overview
Unit 3Core: Electric Cooktop, Oven, and Range Operational Overview
Unit 4Core: Front-Load Washer Operational Overview
Unit 5Core: Top-Load Washer Operational Overview
Unit 6Core: Gas and Electric Dryer Operational Overview
Unit 7Core: Dishwasher Operational Overview
Module 10Final Exam and Beyond
Final exam for the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair course.
Unit 1Looking Ahead to other Academy Courses and Beyond
Unit 2Final Exam for the Core Appliance Repair Training Course, Part 1
Unit 3Final Exam for the Core Appliance Repair Training Course, Part 2
Unit 4Core Course Wrap-Up

Great content. Great teaching, I really appreciated the amount of time and thought out in to all of it.
- Blake Martin

I am glad that I took this course. It is an excellent training media. You folks have put together an awesome detailed presentation Thanks so much!
- Jake Burkholder

The course was a great learning experience. From someone who is a novice at the how the appliance works, this is a good intro course (I only look at the outcome not why they are not working or not thinking about how it's supposed to work). Course gives enough detail to answer the how and why noted above. Looking forward to diving in deeper with the other courses.
- joe schmitt

Great course. Very thorough. I think this course does a great job giving you an in depth look at the fundamentals of appliance repair.
- Rod Coty

I had little knowledge in this field. After this course I realized how wrong I was in fixing appliances. My technique was archaic and wasted a lot of time and money. After learning the "Ten Step Trouble Shooting Tango" I no longer needed to TAKE THE ENTIRE UNIT apart in order to find or fix the problem. You can go at your own pace in this class and ask questions when necessary. I have recommended this course to everyone in the field and hope that they will learn as much as I did.
- David

Already having taken a one year HVAC-R course, I still felt that there were gaps in my understanding of the basic electric circuits that make sealed systems work. After doing the research I was led to MST. Now, having completed the core program, combined with my other education, I feel as though I am a much more rounded and capable tech. Looking forward to continuing my learning through the rest of my bundle and with exposure to the best techs on the planet!
- Anthony Harley

This a great course that really helped make sense of the measurements you need to take to troubleshoot appliances as well as what those readings really mean. It provides you with a base knowledge on electricity that really sets you up for success in the rest of the course when it comes to troubleshooting circuits.
- Scott Porazynski

This is a great course recommend to other technicians
- Brandon wardle

I absolutely LOVED this course. I will admit to being a little wary of what an online course could offer. This surprised, impressed and really challenged me. I have spent the last 23 yrs working in aviation and thought I had a pretty solid background in electronics and basic electricity. Boy was I wrong. This course reinforced what I already knew and added a whole new level of information I didn't know I needed. The only thing I have to complain about is not taking the plunge and purchasing the entire bundle. Once again, this course was outstanding. I can't say enough good things about it. I will definitely be taking the rest of your courses. Thank you Team Samurai.
- Ron Frias
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