Advanced Troubleshooting Course

Take a deep dive into the cutting-edge appliance troubleshooting techniques needed to repair newer electronic appliances. Be indispensable. See course syllabus.

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Training 2 or more techs?

Train new techs and bring older techs up-to-speed on modern appliance technology and troubleshooting.

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Who the course is for
Experienced techs
# of modules and units
6 modules and 18 units
Estimated time to complete
25 - 30 hours
Length of access
1 year
Cost of continued enrollment
$5 / month

What You'll Learn

  • How to use timing charts with schematics to troubleshoot problems
  • How to use Ohm’s Law as a powerful troubleshooting tool
  • How to troubleshoot tricky open neutral problems
  • How to troubleshoot appliances with control boards, including multiple control and microprocessor boards

The course includes practice exercises using the tech sheets of real-world appliances to help you improve your ability to read schematics and repair appliances with confidence


The Final Step to Mastery

With Core, Refrigerator Repair, Oven & Range Repair and Washer & Dryer Repair under your belt, you’re well-equipped to handle most repair jobs. But take Advanced Troubleshooting and you’ll be able to handle all jobs well into the future.

This course takes a deep dive into the cutting-edge appliance troubleshooting techniques needed to repair newer electronic appliances. For example, in appliances with multiple control boards, you need to understand how to troubleshoot the microprocessor (main) board AND troubleshoot its communications with various sub-boards.

Sound complicated? It is. But that’s why appliance repair techs with these skills are indispensable and make the big bucks.

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You must already have solid training in basic electricity, reading schematics, troubleshooting, and motors. Therefore, we strongly recommend starting your training with Core Appliance Repair Training. If you’re not sure whether you need to take the prereq, take our quiz.


Pass quizzes and course exams to earn your Appliance Repair Certification in Advanced Troubleshooting. BONUS: all enrollments come with a free premium membership to Appliantology, the biggest and best online resource for working techs. That’s a $197 value, FREE, and that’s just for starters.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1 Advanced Schematic Analysis and Troubleshooting Course Orientation
Welcome! The objective and mission of the Samurai Tech Academy. How to to get around the Academy and use this course.
Unit 1 Orientation: How to Use and Interact with the Advanced Troubleshooting Course
Module 2 Fundamental Troubleshooting Techniques
Logically and methodically troubleshooting failed appliances, and knowing the difference between schematics and wiring diagrams.
Unit 1 Service Call Structure and Troubleshooting Strategies
Unit 2 Guidelines for Reading Schematics
Module 3 Using Timing Charts and Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances
Using the timing chart to interpret the schematic and develop troubleshooting strategies in appliances with mechanical timers and distributed control systems.
Unit 1 Troubleshooting a 2-Speed Motor Problem in a Top Load Washer
Unit 2 Analyzing Dryer Timer Motor Operation Using EEPs and the Timer Chart
Unit 3 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Mechanical Timers 1
Unit 4 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Mechanical Timers 2
Module 4 Using Ohm's Law as a Powerful Troubleshooting Tool
A quick review of Ohm's Law and then using it to gain keen Samurai insight into how a circuit works and using it as a powerful troubleshooting tool.
Unit 1 Using Ohm's Law as a Powerful Troubleshooting Tool
Module 5 Troubleshooting Open Neutral Problems
Identifying and troubleshooting open neutrals problems. Recognizing when open neutrals can cause alternate neutral pathways with unexpected load behavior. Using the schematic and wiring diagram to identify, isolate, and repair open neutrals.
Unit 1 Using the Timer Chart and Schematic to Troubleshoot Open Neutral Problems
Unit 2 Analyzing Open Neutrals and Voltage Drops in Series Loads using Ohm's Law
Unit 3 Troubleshooting Broken Wires and Alternate Neutral Paths with Unexpected Load Behavior
Module 6 Troubleshooting Appliances with Electronic Control Boards
Distributed vs. central control systems. Methods and techniques for troubleshooting computer-controlled appliances. Troubleshooting electronic control boards.
Unit 1 Troubleshooting Distributed vs. Central Control Systems
Unit 2 Troubleshooting Appliances with Multiple Control Boards
Unit 3 Troubleshooting Computer-Controlled Appliances
Unit 4 Troubleshooting Electronic Control Boards in Appliances
Unit 5 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Electronic Control Boards 1
Unit 6 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Electronic Control Boards 2
Unit 7 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Electronic Control Boards 3
Unit 8 Schematic Exercises: Appliances with Electronic Control Boards 4
Unit 9 Advanced Troubleshooting Course Wrap-Up

Some of my wrong answers were not explained so I was left a little bewildered as to the right answer. Great course all in all. ***Reply from Team Samurai: The Student Forums are a perfect place for you to get an explanation for answers that you missed. Please start a topic there and we'll be happy to make sure you understand what the correct answer should be.
- Roger Rees

Not as many long videos, just as much good content. Couldn't ask for more.
- RyanH

Great course to help me understand advanced troubleshooting concepts on appliances.
- Matthew Henning

Very useful info for on the job duties.
- Mike Montgomery

Great course! A definite must to help you get a better grasp of reading schematics and troubleshooting
- Chase Yoshikawa

Good course for teaching trouble shooting skills for appliances. Well thought out and presented.
- Richard McCoy

relevant and clear information that has improved my abilities as a technician greatly
- Brian Boucher

Great course, learned alot of valuable trouble shooting skills.
- Ryan Church

Another great course
- Michael Obas
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