Sample of the Samurai Appliance Tech Academy Course

You don't know what you don’t know, so for even the most seasoned techs, our course material brings you new information, up-to-date and accurate. And even more substantial knowledge to help you diagnose a repair.

Coursework material is in-depth and more than informative. It’s challenging yet within reach of our students who want to become a certified appliance repair technician.

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Samurai Tech Academy: Sample Course
This is a free sample of the Samurai Tech Academy's Fundamentals of Appliance Repair training course. Its purpose is to give you an idea of how the online courseware works and the various types of media we use to teach the material. Note: To be able to click into the sample unit below, you must have registered at the Enroll page and be logged in.
Module 1 Sample Module
A sample of the fine pearls of appliantological wisdom that awaits you in the Samurai Tech Academy.
Unit 1 Sample Course: Basic Electrical Measurements

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