Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting Webinar

We had a full house at this Master Samurai Tech Office Hours webinar! I debunked the common tech perception that Samsung refrigerator use special, secret technology not used in any other refrigerator. In fact, I showed that Samsung’s function and get troubleshoot using the same basic troubleshooting techniques as any other modern, computer-controlled refrigerator.

In addition to demystifying Samsung refrigerator repair, we talked about these other topics:

  • Keys to being a great tech
  • NTC thermistors
  • voltage divider circuits
  • the Ten Step Tango Troubleshooting Procedure
  • Capacitors used with motors
  • Linear compressors

Attending the regular, live training webinars is one of the benefits for students here at the Master Samurai Tech Academy and Professional Appliantologist members at our sister site, Appliantology.

The webinar recording below will be available to everyone for a week or so. After that, you’ll need to be an MST Academy student or PA member at Appliantology to view it.

UPDATE: The webinar recording is no longer available to the public but is still available for Professional Appliantologists and Master Samurai Tech Academy students.