Advanced Refrigerator Repair Course – New and Improved Sealed-System Content!

We just did an awesome update to the Advanced Refrigerator Repair Course.

We expanded and revised the instruction on sealed-system operation and diagnostics. We’ve got seven new presentations that explain how sealed systems move heat around and how to diagnose various sealed system failures. This deep understanding of how sealed systems work and fail will make you a true refrigeration troubleshooter. (Scroll down to see all that is covered.)

Whether or not you actually do sealed system repairs, you need to have a strong understanding of how the system works so you can accurately diagnose the problem.

Note to current students in the course

There were a number of changes. We rearranged some units, added some new ones, and replaced a few others.

If you are partway through the course, you might get a message that you can’t move forward until you’ve completed an earlier unit. Just look in the navigation bar on the left in the course at earlier Modules and you’ll see any units that you need to go back and complete.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us and we’re glad to help.

Detailed Syllabus

Module 1 – Refrigerator Technology

How to use and Interact With the Refrigeration Troubleshooting and Repair Course
Refrigerator Operational Overview
Thermodynamics and Phase Change
Properties of Refrigerants
The Refrigeration Cycle
Refrigerator Air Distribution Systems
Refrigerator Temperature Control Systems
Refrigerator Defrost Systems
Sealed System Components: Condensers and Compressors Intro
Split-phase Compressors and their Start Devices, Part 1
Split-phase Compressors and their Start Devices, Part 2
Inverter Compressor Systems
Linear Compressors
Dual Evaporator Refrigerators
Refrigerator Principles of Operation Module Exam

Module 2 – Common Problems and Troubleshooting

The Systems Approach to Troubleshooting Refrigerators
Evaporator Frost Pattern Analysis
Troubleshooting Strategies for Warm Refrigerator Complaints
Troubleshooting Freezing in Fresh Food Compartments
Troubleshooting Ice, Frost, and Condensation Problems
Troubleshooting Inverter Compressor Refrigerators
Troubleshooting Computer-Controlled Refrigerators
3-Way Valves and Dual Evaporator Systems
Ten Step Tango Refrigerator Workshop
Common Problems and Troubleshooting Module Exam

Module 3 – Sealed System Diagnostics and Repair

Refrigeration Cycle Overview in Real-World Systems
Real-World Pressure Temperature Example Problem
P-H Diagrams, P-T Tables, Superheat, Subcooling, and Saturation
The Ideal Refrigeration Cycle vs. the Real World Cycle
Half-Splitting a Sealed System; Sealed System Failures with Symptoms
Sealed System Diagnostics, Part 1
Sealed System Diagnostics, Part 2
Refrigerator Sealed System Service Basic Skills
Refrigerator Sealed System Service: Replacing the Compressor and Filter Dryer

Module 4 – Ice Makers and Dispensers
Refrigerator Ice Maker Basics
Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser Basics

Module 5 – Final Exam