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Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 5

Posted on August 31, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200In this killa-manilla episode of the Master Samurai Tech Radio podcast, the Samurai and Mrs. Samurai reveal the answer to every burning question you’ve ever had about anything!

Okay, okay, well we at least know you’ve been losing sleep over the mysteries of centrifugal switches and what the heck is the difference between NTC and PTC. Oh, yeah, we cover that and much, much more in what can only be called an appliance repair revelation.

Here’s a list of the meaty stuff we carve up and serve in this episode:

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 4

Posted on August 26, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200- New credit card readers for the EMV technology; merchant (appliance service company) liability for fraud if not using the new readers.
- Square has already issued the new EMV readers.
- Electrolux buying GE Appliances - complications, lawsuit, implications for the appliance market. Samsung and LG brought into the fray!

- Customer education: How to spot a parts changing monkey.
- Tech education: rinse aid vs. vinegar; GFCIs vs. surge suppressors

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Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 3

Posted on August 19, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200In this scintillating episode:
- Industry news
- Passed 4 million views on our YouTube channel! You may have been one of them!
- Correction on loading meters
- Meter current draw, input impedance, and why you should care
- Ghost voltages and open neutrals
- Lord Wiggington propositions an outlet for his wiggy
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Here are your helpful links to items we talked about in this episode:

Yale Appliance Blog post on "Affordable Luxury" appliances.

MST blog post "The Low Down on Loading Meters and DMMs"

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 2

Posted on August 11, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200Topics covered:

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- Industry News: Whirlpool Internet-connected laundry set, GE refrigerator/coffee brewer, GE dryer service bulletin
- MST News: Jobs listing, Affiliate program
- Tech Talk: Which Wiggy and why? When to use the Wiggy?

Link to the Wiggy (loading meter) that the Samurai uses and talks about in the podcast:

Master Samurai Tech Radio, Episode 1

Posted on August 6, 2015 by - MST Radio

podcast1 200- 1 About this podcast: a podcast by appliance techs, for appliance techs
- 2 About the Samurai Tech Academy
- 3 MST news
- 3.1 About Appliantology, features.
- 3.1.1 Grasshoppers moderated at Appliantology.
- 3.2 New course bundles
- 3.3 Jobs listings and resumes for students and grads
- 4 Tech talk
- 4.1 Voltage Sniffers vs. Loading Meters vs. Non-loading digital multimeters