Why Continuing Education for Your Appliance Service Techs Is a Good Investment

Posted on May 15, 2015 by - Business Talk

As a multi-truck appliance repair operator, you need to be sure every one of your technicians is performing at the top of their game on every service call. Gone are the days when fridges and ranges used simple mechanical controls that a rookie tech could quickly understand and repair. Today’s appliances demand a level of technical expertise and interpersonal skills undreamed of even a few years ago.

For instance, in a state-of-the-art kitchen, all appliances can be networked and synced to perform tasks programmed remotely. Modern coffee systems custom-blend brews to individual preferences and even mix bean types to taste. Smartphone- and tablet-controlled ranges are in the offing, and kitchen robots can already take over the monotony of making the perfect risotto, among many other routine tasks. There’s even a 3-D food printer, no joke!

With so many technical advances coming from every direction every year, it’s hard enough to keep up with the technology without having to worry about assuring quality control for each service call to make sure customers are happy in sometimes challenging situations. That’s why continuing education for your appliance repair techs makes good business sense.

From new hires to old hands, your techs will benefit from continuing education in several important ways:

  • All of your technical staff will receive expert interpersonal skills guidance so you can be sure the service to your customers is of consistently high quality and customer satisfaction, no matter which tech handles the job.
  • New appliance service techs coming into your company will quickly come up to speed on important people skills and receive valuable pointers for conducting service calls when they enter a customer’s home.
  • If desired, we can customize training to the way things are done in your shop, again assuring consistent service quality across the board.
  • Continuing education not only gives your techs the confidence to meet new challenges on the job, it promotes loyalty to you and longevity in employment, a big benefit to you in reducing costly turnover and building a highly skilled staff — and securing your competitive advantage.

    At Master Samurai Tech we specialize in developing every tech's skills — both professional and personal — to enhance their customers’ experience. It’s an investment in your staff that will pay off in enhanced customer satisfaction and more business for your company. Click here for more information on our Professional Development course!

    Is Appliance Repair a Good Trade for You?

    Posted on May 7, 2015 by - Career Talk

    Engineer Giving Woman Advice On Kitchen RepairIt’s getting toward the end of another school year, and maybe you’re about to graduate from high school or community college without a clear idea of where you want to go from there. Or maybe you’ve just finished a tour with the military and are seeking a new career once you return to civilian life. If either of those descriptions fits you, you might want to consider a career as an appliance repair technician.

    Do you think you’d be a good candidate for a career in appliance repair? Leaving aside for a moment the technical and educational requirements, here are a few personal qualities appliance repair employers look for when hiring technicians, whether in a small repair shop or for a larger multi-tech operation:


    Aptitude: If you were the kind of kid who loved taking things apart and putting them back together again, chances are you’d enjoy figuring out what ails a cranky fridge or oven — and restoring it to tiptop condition.

    Mazes and Puzzles: Wiring diagrams are mazes that lead to a single correct solution. If you loved navigating the maize maze at pumpkin harvest time, and if you’re a champ at spotting where a puzzle piece fits, a career in appliance service might be right up your alley.

    Manual and Physical Dexterity: Appliance repair often involves manipulating small tools and parts and fitting your body into small spaces, like behind a refrigerator, and working in a cramped position. Unfazed? Step right up!

    Problem-solving: Appliance repair can be like a mystery story. If a customer reports a strange noise or leak in their refrigerator, can you ask the right questions to narrow down the problem and diagnose the cause? Solving these types of issues is all in a day’s work for a repair tech.

    Organizational skills: An organized mind and an organized toolbox go hand in hand. The better your organization, the more likely you are to succeed as an appliance repair technician.

    Persistence: You keep working at a challenge until you find a solution, and when one approach fails, you try another and another until you succeed.

    Pride: You take pride in a job well done, knowing it reflects positively on your employer as well as on yourself.

    Honesty: Your ethics are above reproach. You own up to your mistakes and correct errors without complaint.

    Personality: You are courteous, respectful, and cheerful to every customer, dealing tactfully with their concerns and complaints. Superior customer service is in your DNA.

    These are just a few of the intangible qualifications potential employers will be seeking in their technicians. They’re not taught in classrooms or in online appliance repair programs, but they are big pluses to your future employer and may well tip the scale in your favor in a hiring decision.

    Do you resonate with the description above? If so, check out what you can learn in our Core Appliance Repair Training course!


    Multi-Tech Operators: Keep Your Appliance Repair Techs on the Leading Edge of Innovation

    Posted on March 27, 2015 by - Business Talk

    Keyboard with Training and Development Button.In the appliance repair industry, hiring the best qualified technicians can be a hit-or-miss proposition, especially in the face of increasingly sophisticated 21st century appliance technology. The industry’s revered tradition of bringing up techs with on-the-job training, passing on expertise from older, experienced techs to younger apprentices, has given way to a demand for a better-trained workforce from the get-go. In fact, even seasoned technicians increasingly find themselves scrambling to keep up with technological advances that were nonexistent just a few years ago.


    As an appliance repair operator with a staff of technicians, you may be finding it daunting to keep your techs on top of the latest developments in appliance repair and service. Obviously, if your technicians lag behind in expertise, your competitive advantage in your marketplace can suffer or vanish altogether.

    One convenient, affordable, and surprisingly easy way to bring your entire staff up to speed is to provide up-to-date technical training to fill in knowledge gaps or acquire new knowledge from the ground up. How? Online education.

    Whatever the experience and training level your individual techs may possess, you can provide targeted training online to meet each tech’s particular learning requirement. Online coursework can be completed at each tech’s convenience and personal learning pace and repeated as necessary until mastery is achieved.

    At a minimum, you’ll want to be sure each tech has mastered the essentials needed for any repair job: tools used in the appliance trade, basic electricity, reading schematic diagrams and using them to develop troubleshooting strategies, gas fuels used in appliances, electronics in appliances, appliance parts, and electric motor systems in appliances. Even old hands may benefit from refreshing their basic knowledge from time to time.

    If your technical staff needs training in specific technologies or brands, online courses can be customized to deliver the precise mix of training you need for your business, without extraneous or irrelevant information. For example, you may want particular emphasis on electronics or certain high-end appliances. Online training providers keep up to date on the latest developments and quickly gear up to provide the latest information to develop courses that will keep your company ahead of the competition. Online training can even be customized to incorporate your company’s particular procedures and systems.

    Customer service is key. While your technicians’ technical expertise is a major part of the customer service experience, a strong professional attitude and interpersonal skills help your techs to become trusted, welcome brand ambassadors for your company. Online training is an ideal vehicle for developing those essential skills.

    When hiring new technicians, look for specialized training as well as practical experience. Evidence of formal training and certification demonstrates both expertise and initiative, qualities that bode well for a person becoming an excellent employee.

    Offering formal training and continuing education to new hires is also a terrific selling point for attracting potential superstar technicians — and for keeping your current technical staff happy, productive, and loyal. Providing continuing education with the opportunity for certification lets prospective and seasoned employees know you care about them and their future in the industry, and letting your customers know your technicians are certified gives them an extra level of confidence in your company’s services.

    Whichever your goal — building your business and its reputation or building a staff of expert repair technicians — employee training is a commonsense, economical way to achieve both.


    A Master Samurai Tech Presentation: Troubleshooting Appliances using Ohm’s Law and Schematic Analysis

    Posted on March 26, 2015 by - Presentations, Tech Talk

    Learn from the Samurai and become a troubleshooting master!

    In this action-packed, riveting, 30-minute, recording of a live webinar, Samurai Appliance Repair Man explains:

    • Ohm's Law: what it is and how Master Samurai Techs deploy it with deadly accuracy to nuke appliance bootay
    • Understanding power and work in electric circuits
    • Applying Ohm's Law to real-world troubleshooting situations
    • Schematic analysis of real schematics using Ohm's Law and series circuit analysis
    • Understanding voltage vs. voltage drop
    • Understanding series loads

    Here are a few tantalizing screenshots of the presentation...

    Ohms Law 2
    Ohms Law 1

    Samurai Tech Academy Fundamentals Students: FREE!
    Professional Appliantologist member at Appliantology.org: FREE! (with coupon code)
    Appliance Tech Community-at-large: $10

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    A Master Samurai Tech Presentation: Series and Parallel Circuits

    Posted on March 21, 2015 by - Presentations, Tech Talk

    A recording of the webinar held on March 19, 2015, on series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits. If you missed the live webinar, you can watch the recording and still partake of this cup of wisdom. Topics covered:

    - Components of a circuit
    - Voltage and current relationships in series and parallel circuits
    - Introduction to reading schematics

    Samurai Tech Academy Fundamentals Students: FREE!
    Professional Appliantologist member at Appliantology.org: FREE! (with coupon code)
    Appliance Tech Community-at-large: $10

    The Samurai Tech Academy announces upcoming webinars as well as course updates, new course offerings, and special discounts in the STA newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so here.


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