Advanced Washer and Dryer Repair Training Course

Washers and Dryers are appliances that customers do not like to live without. Our popular Master Samurai Tech on-demand, self-paced online training will teach you the ins and outs of these workhorses so that you can perform prompt, expert repairs that will wow your customers. See course syllabus.

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Training 2 or more techs?

Train new techs and bring older techs up-to-speed on modern appliance technology and troubleshooting.

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Who the course is for
Current techs
# of modules and units
5 modules, 32 units
Estimated time to complete
20 - 25 hours
Length of access
1 year
Cost of continued enrollment
$5 / month

What You'll Learn

  • Operational overviews of all types of washers and dryers
  • Basic and advanced washer technology, both top-load and front-load
  • Basic and advanced dryer technology, both gas and electric
  • Troubleshooting and repair of common washer and dryer problems

Be a laundry appliance Master!

Washers and dryers do a lot of hard work and represent a significant portion of repair calls.

Although there are numerous brands and models out there, we will show you that they all operate in similar ways. The functional understanding of the technology that you’ll gain from this course will make diagnosis a breeze for any laundry appliance you encounter.

Earn the adoration of your customer by getting her washer or dryer repaired before she gets buried under the growing pile of dirty clothes!

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For an optimal learning experience in this course, you should have some background in electricity, reading schematics, troubleshooting, and motors. For this reason, we recommend that all students start their training with Core Appliance Repair Training, which is popular among veterans of the trade as well as novices. Not sure? Take the quiz!


Pass quizzes and course exams to earn your Appliance Repair Certification in Washer and Dryer Repair. BONUS: all enrollments come with a free premium membership to Appliantology, the biggest and best online resource for working techs. That’s a $197 value, FREE, and that’s just for starters.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1Orientation
Need-to-know information on how to take this course.
Unit 1Washer and Dryer Repair Orientation
Module 2Operational Overviews
Operational Overviews
Unit 1Front-Load Washer Operational Overview
Unit 2Top-Load Washer Operational Overview
Unit 3Gas and Electric Dryer Operational Overview
Unit 4User Interface Controls In Laundry Appliances
Unit 5Disassembly of Laundry Appliances
Unit 6The Ten-Step Tango Troubleshooting Procedure
Unit 7Operational Overviews Module Exam
Module 3Front-Load and Top-Load Washer Technologies
Information on the technologies common to both front-load and top-load washers.
Unit 1Washer Water Fill Control Systems
Unit 2Washer Detergent Dispensing Systems
Unit 3Washer Drain Systems and Components
Unit 4Washer Door and Lid Lock Systems
Unit 5High Efficiency (HE) Laundry Detergent: what you need to know
Unit 6Split Phase Drive Motors and Timers in Top Load Washers
Unit 7Variable Speed Drive Motor Systems in Washing Machines
Unit 8Front-Load Washer Drum Support Systems
Unit 9Top-Load Washer Tub Suspension and Drive Systems
Unit 10Common Problems in Washers
Unit 11Front-Load and Top-Load Washer Technologies Module Exam
Unit 12Bonus Unit: Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) for the Whirlpool Vertical Modular Washer (VMW) Drive System
Module 4Gas and Electric Dryer Technologies
Information on the technologies common to both gas and electric dryers.
Unit 1Dryer Air Movement and Venting Systems
Unit 2Dryer Motors and Drum Rotation Systems
Unit 3AC Voltage Power Supplies in Electric Dryers
Unit 4Electric Dryer Heating Circuits
Unit 5Dryer Air Temperature Control Systems
Unit 6Gas Burner Ignition Systems in Dryers
Unit 7Converting Gas Dryers from Natural Gas to Propane
Unit 8Condensing Dryers
Unit 9Dryer Case Studies
Unit 10Common Problems in Dryers
Unit 11Gas and Electric Dryer Technologies Module Exam
Module 5Final Exam and Beyond
Final Exam and Beyond
Unit 1Washer and Dryer Repair Course Final Exam
Unit 2Washer and Dryer Repair Course Wrap-Up

- Anthony Balbuena

great information
- Taylor

I learned a lot but trying to relate the information to actually being on the job can be rather hard when it was only explained verbally very few lessons had good diagrams and good videos detailing what different components look like and how they go into washers and dryer also done people just don’t learn verbally it has to be practiced otherwise very informative
- Blake

Took the full Technician bundle and each course just builds confidence for the next. Well done Team!
- Anthony Harley

So much good information in all the Master Samurai Tech Academy courses. My confidence level is increasing all the time with the more classes I take from MST. In only 3 short courses Core, Refrigeration, and Washer / Dryer, I have repaired several appliances for people and work to include a power supply issue on a refrigerator at work that was damaged in a flooding event and saved the company from having to buy a new refrigerator. I would not have even attempted this type of repair before taking these courses. I cant wait to take the remaining courses. Thank You.... Steve
- Steve Fiss

Most excellent course, filled in the gaps and questions that I had.
- Garrett

I liked that longer video series got split into multiple to help break them up into chunks. Maybe add some more info on dryer rollers and belts on look-for's as they're a relatively common maintenance item that most customers can afford to have replaced without justifying purchasing a new unit.
- Mark Kinney

This is a very good training all you need is time and no distractions and you will get it done, Thank you Master Samurai for the knowledge i really appreciate it Thanks again.
- Robert A. Wray

Challenging and very satisfying. My confidence is definitely improving as my skill level increases. Also, These coarses are fun and enjoyable!
- Michael Sanford