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Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training Course

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9 modules and 55 units
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Up to 2 months, part-time
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What You'll Learn

  • How to read appliance schematics and develop troubleshooting strategies
  • How to test circuit boards and perform a load analysis to identify the source of problems
  • How to measure and diagnose gas pressure and flow
  • How to identify and troubleshoot all varieties of motors and motor control systems
  • The name and function of appliance components, including those in modern, computer-controlled appliances

Start Here for a Better Career

Many of our graduates, including many seasoned techs, have called this course a game-changer for their career. Fundamentals of Appliance Repair will teach you troubleshooting and diagnostic skills that remove the guesswork and eliminate failed service calls, no matter the make or model of the appliance.

In short, Fundamentals is NOT about how to disassemble an appliance to change a part. You can find that information in service manuals or free YouTube videos (and which we also provide guidance on). This course is about teaching the foundational mechanics of all major appliances–the same for all brands–and the foundational skills needed to identify and fix their problems, knowledge and skills that most techs do not yet have.

To stand out from the crowd, you need a fundamentally better skillset.


No prerequisite. But if you’re thinking of skipping over the fundamentals, please take our quiz to find out whether or not you should.

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Course Syllabus

Module 1Fundamentals Course Orientation
Welcome! The objective and mission of the Samurai Tech Academy. How to to get around the Academy and use this course.
Unit 1Welcome! Meet your Sensei
Unit 2How to Use and Interact with the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course
Module 2Tools and Test Instruments
Basic tools that every tech needs on every service call.
Unit 1Basic Tools to Have on Hand for Every Service Call
Unit 2Your Tool Back Pack for Appliance Service Calls
Unit 3Information Tools
Module 3Basic Electricity
Volts, ohms, amps. Ohm's Law. Series and parallel circuits. Loads and voltage drop. Basic electrical measurements. Reading wiring diagrams.
Unit 1Basic Electricity: Electrical Terms
Unit 2What is Electricity? Current and Voltage
Unit 3Basic Electricity: Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power
Unit 4Basic Electricity: Circuit Components
Unit 5Basic Electricity: Series and Parallel Circuits
Unit 6Basic Electricity: Circuit Breaker Panels and Power Outlets
Unit 7Basic Electricity: Electrical Measurements in Appliance Repair
Unit 8Basic Electricity: Voltage Drop and Load
Unit 9Basic Electricity: More on DC and AC Voltage and Current
Unit 10Basic Electrical Wiring Skills in Appliance Repair
Unit 11Introduction to Schematic and Wiring Diagrams
Unit 12Basic Electricity Module Exam
Module 4Basic Electronics
Control board configurations in appliances. Common components on electronics boards encountered in appliance repair. Electronics connectors. Handling electronic boards. Testing diodes and rectifiers.
Unit 1Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course Midterm Exam
Unit 2Electronics in Appliance Repair
Unit 3Components on Electronic Control Boards
Unit 4Basic Electronics: Capacitors
Unit 5Basic Electronics: Transformers
Unit 6Control Board Configurations Used in Appliance Repair
Unit 7Working with and Handling Electronics Boards in Appliance Repair
Unit 8Basic Electronics Module Exam
Module 5Troubleshooting
Fundamental law for troubleshooting. Basic diagnostic and correction procedure. Technician's diagnostic guide. Basic troubleshooting techniques and strategies. Using schematic diagrams to troubleshoot appliances.
Unit 1Introduction to Troubleshooting
Unit 2Troubleshooting Basics and Strategies
Unit 3The Ten-Step Troubleshooting Tango
Unit 4Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 1
Unit 5Using Schematics to Troubleshoot Appliances, Part 2
Unit 6Pre-Diagnosing the Problem before the Service Call
Unit 7Troubleshooting Module Exam
Module 6Basic Gas
Gas fuels in appliance repair; Physical properties of gas fuels; Natural gas distribution; How LP gas differs from natural gas; Gas pressure regulators; Measuring gas pressure; Gas flame characteristics.
Unit 1Introduction to Gas Fuels in Appliance Repair
Unit 2Physical Properties of Gas Fuels
Unit 3Measuring Gas Pressure
Unit 4Natural Gas Distribution
Unit 5How LP Gas Differs from Natural Gas
Unit 6Gas Pressure Regulators
Unit 7Carbon Monoxide
Unit 8Gas Flame Characteristics
Unit 9Basic Gas Module Exam
Module 7Appliance Parts
Familiarization with various parts used in appliances: pumps, switches, relays, motors, sensors, and more.
Unit 1Switches and Relays
Unit 2Pressure Switches, Thermostats, and Sensors
Unit 3Solenoid Valves
Unit 4Heating Elements
Unit 5Gas Appliance Parts: Valves, Flame Detectors, Ignitors, Spark Modules
Unit 6Appliance Parts Module Exam
Module 8Appliance Motors
Motor systems used in modern appliances. Principles of operation and failure modes.
Unit 1Overview of Electric Motors Used in Appliances
Unit 2Variable Frequency Drive Systems
Unit 3Single-Phase Asynchronous AC Motors
Unit 4Appliance Motors: Supplemental Material
Unit 5Appliance Motors Module Exam
Module 9Final Exam and Beyond
Final exam for the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair course.
Unit 1Looking Ahead to other Academy Courses and Beyond
Unit 2Final Exam for the Samurai Tech Academy Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course, Part 1
Unit 3Final Exam for the Samurai Tech Academy Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Course, Part 2
Unit 4Fundamentals Course Wrap-Up

5 5 1
I have been an Appliance service tech for over 20 years. This course is excellent has so much useful information very in-depth. I'm close to 50 years old and was a little worried about how the online studying would go. But to my surprise once I got in a rhythm it was great. Basic electricity and basic Electronics the key points of this course to me. Going at your own pace you can really take it all in.

5 5 1
This course was a great learning experience. Lots of practical and technical information with plenty of resources available to expand your knowledge base. The Samurai team offers quick and helpful feedback whenever needed. Site offers a simple to use layout complete with student forums, video seminars, and some well integrated humor to keep things interesting. Overall quite affordable as well. Highly recommended to anyone involved (or interested) in appliance repair, or people who just want a better understanding of how many household items operate. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Samurai!

5 5 1
I LOVED this course. Mr. and Mrs. Samurai explained every detail extremely well and easy to understand. It is very refreshing to learn from someone who is serious, knows their stuff, and also has a sense of humor. This course has honestly given me more knowledge than any grade school or college course I have ever taken. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. I can not wait to see what is in store for my next few courses.

5 5 1
I agree, this was a very good course and I am looking forward to the advanced training. Thank you

5 5 1
A very good course

5 5 1
The course was enjoyable while still being challenging and educational. It has helped me to preform on the same level as my senior technician coworkers. The course gave me troubleshooting skills to solve problems they have seen for decades.

5 5 1
One of the best online training courses I've been through yet

5 5 1
The overall tech bundle course: Is a great course for teaching basic appliance repair and great for making the transition from old to new technology in appliance repair. The courses were well thought out and presented to be easily understandable. Also not over whelming in course content. I strongly recommend this course for beginners and experience appliance techs alike.

5 5 1
great coarse i would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn appliance repair

5 5 1
The content within this course is completely worth the investment. My boss and company want myself and the other techs to be top notch and I honestly believe that this course has helped me become far better than I was before. There have already been more calls than I can count where the information I learned here has been a huge asset in my diagnosing of issues. Fundamental learning is critical and I'm extremely thankful for a course as jam-packed as this one! Thank you for making learning as interactive as you have!

5 5 1
I've learned so much, and I've even been able to apply some of what I've learned already. I'm excited to learn plenty more.

5 5 1
the course is great

5 5 1
I learned so much. I know that I will have the confidence to analyze any problem I encounter thanks to the knowledge I am taking with me. Thank you!

5 5 1
Great course and well taught. I knew nothing going into this class and came out of it with a great grasp of the fundamentals of electricity and appliance repair. With this base platform well established, I look forward to advancing further.

5 5 1
Really informative and really enjoyed Scott's sense of humor.

5 5 1
Great course. Lots of detailed explanations. Covers everything. Good humor sprinkled throughout to keep things interesting. Recommend to everyone interested in learning appliance repair.

5 5 1
Fundamentals provides a good background and review for appliance repair, whether you are a experience tech or a new tech just starting out. Great Job

5 5 1
Great Job, very well done course. Thanks for your efforts

5 5 1
I found the course both challenging and rewarding.

5 5 1
Very informative and has given me a much deeper understanding of how things really work!

5 5 1
This has been an awesome course. I have not done service work in almost 20 years. ALOT has changed since then. This course is bringing back things I have not used and forgotten and also things that I was not aware of. Well done, and laid out in a way so everything flows together. Looking forward to moving forward with the rest of the modules.

5 5 1
This was a very thorough course that was taught with bit of humor thrown in to help with the learning. I really enjoyed taking it and it helped me quite a bit. I will be returning to it frequently to get information when needed.

5 5 1
Very Challenging and worth every effort. Open my eyes to a lot things especially in basic electricity.

5 5 1
The Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training Course far exceeded my expectations. This course takes you from the basics of electricity all the way to mastery of troubleshooting and repairing appliances. It is very comprehensive covering such things as the tools you need (physical and mental) and applying the “10-Step Tango” a methodical approach that can save you lots of time and really help you be more successful. I got a sense of professionalism and even admiration for the appliance repair trade. I’m grateful that I found Master Samurai Tech and its great team. They were there every step of the way with encouragement and guidance. Event hough it took focus and dedication to complete all the work, it was a lot of fun and very interesting. I highly recommend this course. Thank you. Abe Almonte (AKA: honeybadger)

5 5 1
I have really enjoyed the course and feel I have a better foundation from which to grow as a tech. I have definitely gained a better understanding of the appliance repair field. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming courses as I know my skills and knowledge will only improve. I have already recommended this course to friends and will continue to recommend the master samurai tech courses. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Samurai

5 5 1
Found my source for learning, unlike other distance learning experience, MST and staff knock the ball outta the park, in promptness on reply's as well as content covered and affordability. Lets not forget about the alternate material @ videos ect., very qualified people.

5 5 1
Started the course with minimal experience in the field, and now I feel confident (with the base knowledge I gained from this course) to continue on to be a successful appliance tech. I would recommend the fundamentals course to anyone just starting out. Thanks samurai!

5 5 1
Great Course Especially for those just getting into the field. Very knowledgeable.

5 5 1
Very useful tools and a great supportive team. I enjoyed this very much!

5 5 1
I was very happy with the I would recommend other to take this cousre

5 5 1
Lets just give a big round of applause to Mr. & Mrs. Samurai for creating such a well rounded program. This course goes into a depth that ensures you have a strong understanding of the basic fundamentals of "appliantology". Don't ever give up & always study hard. They're strict about their scores because they want their students to excel, not barely get by. This program converts PCMs into real appliance repair techs. I now finish this course with confidence, and move onto the next!
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